Published 30 Sep 2014 by Scott Drummonds
Tendtoo went live a couple weeks ago and we have been working long hours to tidy up the presentation, remove annoying bugs, and build the database.  We added about 20 events in past weeks and hope to double that in the coming weeks.  But we need your help.  So we want to offer a quid pro quo arrangement.
Published 22 Sep 2014 by Scott Drummonds
When you first create and account with Tendtoo you will notice the option to logon with LinkedIn.  When you click that button, Tendtoo will direct you to LinkedIn for authentication.  After authentication, LinkedIn will provide your LinkedIn account details to setup your Tendtoo account.  The LinkedIn authentication page shows you the details that will be passed from LinkedIn to Tendtoo.  You will not be surprised to see your email address in that list.  But you may be surprised to see Tendtoo requesting access to your LinkedIn network. I want to spend this time describing our intent with this request of your LinkedIn data. And I'd like to make you a promise about protecting your network and never reaching out to your contacts without your permission.

Published 28 Apr 2014 by Scott Drummonds
Since January when Doug and Scott first started discussing Tendtoo, we are constantly challenged on our value proposition.  We spend enough time challenging and defending our idea that we believe in our product.  Indeed, when we worked for large IT companies we would have loved this service.  Yet often, before we can explain our plans, it is common to hear marketing professionals tell us one of two things:
  1. Everything we are trying to do has already been done and is of no use.
  2. Enterprise marketing already has robust systems and there is no room for improvement.

Published 07 Apr 2014 by Scott Drummonds
In January of 2014 Doug Farndale and I, Scott Drummonds started discussing our experience working for big information technology companies in Asia.  Doug had worked for Cisco for 17 years and I worked for EMC for four and for VMware for four years before that.  As others in our position will attest, every employee of of a big American IT company in Asia has a sales responsibility.  And with that responsibility comes the need to frequently attend conferences.  Doug and my conversation turned to these shows and their incredible potential we felt remain undeveloped.
IT events provided information to attendees as radio and newspapers to: they broadcast.  A small number of industry experts take the stage and share their experiences.  The vast majority of those speakers work for vendors and are necessarily telling a story that encourages the audience to buy their products.  But on the whole there is very little interaction with the audience.  Audience members hear the presenters, say 'hi' to some friends, and then leave.  They are unable to extract value from their fellow attendees.  And they have little ability to guide the organizers and sponsors to make the next event more useful.
Doug and I knew we could improve the value of these events.  In today's connected world, where we share our interests and skills on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and everyone carries a smartphone, we know we can better connect and inform IT professionals.  From this idea Summit Wisdom was born.
In the coming months and years we plan to improve the experience of attending IT events.  In short, this is our mission:
  • Make it easier for IT professionals to find relevant and effective events.
  • Simplify participation at trade shows with mobile application scheduling assistance.
  • Improve the peer-to-peer networking at conferences.  The smartest technologists in a given domain are standing right next to you!  We want to help broker an introduction so you can learn facts from customers, not just vendors.
  • Remember attendees' interests, participation, and connections to better suggest activities at other events.
As Doug and I continue to build Summit Wisdom we expect our product and mission to evolve to suit the needs of our users.  We are building this platform to help problems we saw in our careers.  And we know we will build a better solution as we consider the problems that everyone else in attendance experiences.  So, please consider our virtual door always open.  We want to hear from you.