Published 30 Sep 2014 by Scott Drummonds

Quid Pro Quo

Tendtoo went live a couple weeks ago and we have been working long hours to tidy up the presentation, remove annoying bugs, and build the database.  We added about 20 events in past weeks and hope to double that in the coming weeks.  But we need your help.  So we want to offer a quid pro quo arrangement.
Let me first say that we promise to try and avoid such chilling references in future blog posts.  But who that has seen Silence of the Lambs doesn't remember Hannibal Lecter's famous offer?  "Quid pro quo, Clarice."  We at Tendtoo also have an offer but promise to deliver it in a much less creepy way.
Our goal is to make Tendtoo the premiere destination for event attendees and IT organizations that need to know more about events.  To do that we need lots of data on lots of events.  If you can help us build that database we can provide a more useful service for you.
So, if you are an event organizer, consider the following:
  • Share with us the details of your event.  We will include it here, mention it on social media, and help you build your audience.
  • If you know of any event that we have not registered, please share it with us.
  • If you need details or intelligence about an event, drop us an line.  We can research the event and help you make informed sponsorship decisions.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about this site.  The value of the social network is amplified with a large audience.
Thanks for your consideration.  We now return to our development.


Doug Farndale | Monday 17/Nov/2014
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Doug Farndale | Monday 17/Nov/2014
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