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Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit
The summit will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, privacy, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

Join 180+ of the industry's top minds at the world's largest executive led Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit and share challenges and best practices with pioneers in the data science field. Hear from 25+ speakers from Fortune 500 companies leading Big Data initiatives.

Who will you meet?
If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event :

Big Data
Predictive Analytics
Data Mining
Customer Lifetime Valuation
Business Intelligence
Statistical Modelling
Machine Learning
Data Architecture
Computer Engineering
Data Infrastructure
Data Designing
Advanced Analytics
Decision Science
Data Governance & Stewardship
Master Data Management (MDM)
Data Architecture
Enterprise Information Management
Data Quality
Unstructured Data
Analytics and Business Intelligence
Cloud-based Data
Data & Application Integration
Management & Methods
Agile Data
Why attend?

Rest assured, all of the burning issues surrounding Big Data will be dealt with in no holds barred discussions at this groundbreaking conference. We look for real solutions to the real problems you face every day.

We know that the theories underpinning current developments in Big Data don't necessarily pan out in the real world, particularly when examined in a global context. Which is why we invite you to discuss your thoughts and feelings openly, and connect with like-minded people. The conference is a prime opportunity for you to air your personal and business challenges.